The development and growth we’ve had in recent years , it led to increase the services we offer to the Properties and those who intend to invest in tourism in the island of Zanzibar. We support foreign companies that want to invest in Zanzibar island , both during the start-up phase of project development .


Investment and business in Zanzibar

Pristine white beaches . A sea, where a few meters deep you can see colorful fish and coral . Sunset wonderfoul, where in a few minutes the sun near the sea and the colors of nature tones almost awesome.
On the beaches of Zanzibar really he seems to be in Paradise. Places still virgin , where the word progress may seem so strange. Where we forget the city , the work , concerns and , above all , stress . So many times we sat for hours by the sea to chat or watch a hermit crab or a stroll on the sand . The beaches of Zanzibar are really a Paradise.
If you’re planning to invest in tourism Zanzibar is the perfect location.



domotic system

Also the tourist service these days has to adapt to the technology . The hotel and the luxury , once evaluated only in luxury accommodation and services must meet the requirement of customer needs in technology . Smartphones and the need to stay connected require hotel facilities at the forefront . When technology translates into comfort, safety and luxury we are talking about home automation: Domotic system is the right word. The aim is to help you live in your overall well-being , it understood in the broader meaning of the term . One of the goals of the system home automation OBS Srl we are improving the quality of activities , improve the safety of persons and property, save energy, reduce costs by streamlining the design, planning , installation, maintenance and optimizing the use of technology , keeping the center of our home automation solutions not technology , but the person .